Yes guys, we are moving to Adelaide, South Australia middle of the year!


It all started in 2015, the year Rayden was born.

It was the year Malaysians started paying GST, toll fares around Klang Valley increased, the open-burning in Indonesia brought haze into our country (again)… It was also then when hubs heard about a friend’s friend migration story.

We very casually met up with the migration agent and decided to give it a try. By ‘giving it a try’, it means giving those stubborn English exams a try. Hubs is the main applicant so naturally he was the one who took the exam. It took him two attempts to get the right score for us to proceed with the Australian PR applications.

We lodged our application, but with the minimum points needed. The competition was so tough that it was already impossible for us to get an invitation by the Australian government but one day our agent informed us about a sponsored visa by the state of South Australia and the rest, as they said, is history.


So yes, we are trying this whole migration thingy (note that I said ‘trying’ because we aren’t PRs just yet).

Is it exciting? Hell yeah it is!

But are we nervous? Oh like 200% nervous!

It has been really hard to break this news to family and friends.

It’s really funny that I’m not afraid of giving up everything in Malaysia and start afresh in another country, but I’m super scared of seeing people’s reaction to this news.

Some have been pretty encouraging, but most people are doubtful of our decision, some even gave us whole loads of negative comments it is kinda annoying.


So, Malaysia not good meh? Australia really that good meh?

Well I’m born and raised in Malaysia and although I have countless complains, I just have that special love for this country.

And no, Australia isn’t perfect either! I for one, who have spent two years studying there know it best.

So at the end of the day, I just gotta calm myself and people down by saying ‘IT’S A PERSONAL PREFERENCE’ (lorrrrrr).

I truly enjoyed my days in Australia without any major issues that affects any of my love for the country down under.

We also want to try a new life there because we prefer life that is simpler – where you can work in any industry and still get paid appropriately, where you leave work on time or even earlier instead of being forced to stay back at work just to show your so-called ‘commitment’ to the company, where you get more time spent with your kids seeing them grow up instead you just being a ‘parent figure’, where weather isn’t always so hot you feel comfortable bringing your kid out for a run in the park without worrying too much about dengue mosquitoes, where life isn’t judged by the brand of the bag you are carrying, or the car you are driving, or number of tuition your kid are attending and how their academy results are compared to other kids…

If you realise, all that I’ve just mentioned have something to do with the kid – Rayden. I wish I could say we are moving because I love living in Australia but the truth is most part of it is because of Rayden. We want a better environment for him to grow up in and most importantly, quality education that we can afford (as PRs and citizens you get free education up till tertiary level).

I know a lot of you still won’t get it but that’s okay. All I’m asking is some positive vibes because all I wish for is support from family and friends that I love. And well, if you are in Adelaide, or have friends and relative in Adelaide, let us know of any job opportunities and houses for rent!


We are giving up a lot for this drastic move to Adelaide, but the biggest sacrifice is going to be leaving behind our aging parents, especially now that they have built a strong bond with Rayden. I know right, so ironic that Rayden is the reason we want to leave, but also the one that makes it so hard to leave. But we have to do what we have to do right now, especially when we are considered still young and Rayden hasn’t started schooling yet.

It’s going to be one of hell of an adventure and we aren’t expecting it to be a smooth ride either. But we are all set and ready to take on whatever challenges ahead of us.

I basically started to blog again because I want to make sure there is a platform for me to record our upcoming adventure – be it a successful one or a failed one.

So if you are with me, welcome aboard! 🙂

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